Nick DenBoer Bio: Mastermind of Animation and Visual Effects

Nick denboer is a famous Canadian music video and film director. He created three music videos that have been successful in being the talk of the town.

In addition, he has garnered lots of appreciation for his produced and directed short film “The Chickening”. He is a hard worker, consistent, and loyal to his work. He successfully solidified his dream position in the animation industry and became a favorite of everyone around the globe.

If you are keen to enhance your knowledge by learning more about Nick den Boer, you must read this post till the end. In this post, we will discuss his educational background, profession, hobbies, LinkedIn accounts, and many more things. So, keep reading!

Nick Denboer Wiki

Nick denboer is basically a Canadian electronic music artist and film director who gave his soul to create animated music videos and films. That is why, he was nominated for various awards and even won them.

The primary reason behind his huge success is his indulgence in work and complete dedication to the work. Below is the quick overview or wiki about the Nick Denboer:

NameNick DeBoer
Also known asNickolas Den Boer
ProfessionMovie director and music video director
Date of birth25th December 1979
Age as of 202343 years
Moved toClinton, Ontario (Canada)
Best-produced and directed filmsThe Chickening, Leave it to Bryan, etc.
Birth signCapricorn
Education background: college nameOntario College of Arts and Design
Ontario College of Arts and DesignConstruction Company
Name of video production companyGeneric Verstality Inc.
Won AccoladesWebby Award in 2020
Nominated forPrism Prize Audience Award nomination
Juno Music Video of the Year award
Marital statusMarried
Spouse nameLeanne O’Brian
Father’s nameNot known
Mother’s nameNot known
Net worth$5 million

Who Is Nick Denboer

Who Is Nick Denboer

Nick denboer is famous for his films and animated music videos. He belongs to Canada and directed the most popular film “The Chickening” in 2016.

Almost all the people liked this movie and appreciated his work. Let us tell you that Nick den Boer and Davy Force created this short film and made it the most successful movie out there.

Here, Davy Force did the recreation task and added vfx to the movie. He also animated superstar actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, and Robert Patrick in his movies.


He was born in Ontario and then moved to Toronto, Canada in 1998 to make his career in the animation industry. In his initial days, Nick denboer has done lots of hard work to come into existence. After that, he directed three music videos: Monophobia, pomegranate, and Drama Free. He made it with the deadmau5 and Neptune collaboration in 2020. After that, he produced and directed the short movie named The Chickening which is a visual effect remix.

This short movie was nominated for the Sundance-Film &Toronto International Film Festival in 2016.

In addition, he has also collected huge appreciation as a visual effects artist in various films such as KUSO, etc. In 2020, he also directed an advertisement campaign named for the Kentucky Fried Chicken ad agency. Here, he won the Webby Award. After winning this award, he created various other ads and won appreciation from the audience.

Nick Denboer’s Directed Films

Nick denboer is known for best animated films and created various ads. Likewise, he created a short movie named “The Chickening” in 2016. This movie created lots of buzz around the audience and got huge appreciation.

Music Videos Of Nick Denboer

After creating the short film, he tried his luck in creating music videos and directed various films. In 2018, he directed “Monophobia” along with deadmau5.

Then in 2019, he gave visual effects in a music video named “Fire is Coming” with Flying Lotus. After being the center of attraction, he then directed two more music videos with the help of Mau5trap which is “Drama Free” and “Pomegranate” in 2020.

Awards And Accolades

Nick denboer is full of passion and dedication to his work. Just because of it, he created lots of engaging music videos and films. In 2019, he was nominated for the Prism Prize Audience Award for his Monophobia music video.

Later, he won an award named “Webby Award” in 2020. In 2021, he created other 3D music videos such as Pomegranate and Neptunes. He was nominated for Juno awards for these videos. 


From the very start, Nick denboer has an interest in music and creating films. He was admitted to the Ontario College (Design and Art) and studied there for 2 years. Later, he opened his construction company in Canada along with the animation and video business. He showed his full strength in his work and then, indulged in establishing his video production company named “Generic Versatility Inc” in 2009.

Nick Denboer’s Spouse

Nick denboer is married to Leanne O’Brian who currently lives in Toronto, Canada.

Nick Denboer Profession

Nick denboer is a successful music video and film director. He created Monophobia and Pomegranate music videos in the 2018 year and 2020 year, respectively.

Primarily, he had been famous for these two music videos and now he has been counted in most successful personalities. Afterwards, he also created many music videos.

Does Nick Denboer Have Instagram

Let’s talk about the Instagram handle of Nick denboer here:

Does He Have LinkedIn ?

We will soon update you about the LinkedIn account of Nick denboer. All you need to do is just be with us and follow this post.

What Are His Hobbies ?

The hobby of Nick denboer is to create animated films, and that is why, he created various interesting and even weirdest animations. Also, he loves music and created various music videos. He has been successful in enhancing the volume of the audience by creating meaningful videos.

Did Nick Denboer Create Smearballs Showreel 2018

Yes, it is true that Nick denboer has created smearball showreel in 2018. Here, he created various interesting flip cards of different personalities, incorporating funny, and unusual art.


Nick denboer is a notable personality of the music and film industry who has been successful in building his versatile career. He has been a hard worker, dedicated, consistent, and loyal to his work from his early days till now. That is why, he is known for exceptional music videos and short films.

The most successful short movie by Nick denboer is “The Chickening” which left a mark on the audience’s mind. All the success credit goes to his incredible talent and dedication which made him an evolved star of the film industry.


1. What is the date of birth of Nick denboer?

The date of birth of Nick denboer is 25th December 1979.

2. What is the occupation of Nick denboer?

Nick denboer is a music video director and even a film director.

3. What is the name of a short movie directed by Nick denboer?

Nick denboer created a short movie named “The Chickening”.

4. Has Nick denboer received any awards?

Yes, Nick denboer won the Webby Award in 2020.

5. Is Nick denboer married?

Yes, Nick denboer is married, and his spouse’s name is Leanne O’Brien.

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