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About The Chickening – Short Film

The Chickening 2023: Entertainment , News and Updates

The Chickening is a classic short film that was released in 2016 and directed by Nick Denboer and Davy Force. The short film is a remix of the movie called “The Shining (Film)”. As the atmosphere of the original film was uncanny. The short film combines comedy, parody, and horror elements, using the characters and settings from “The Shining”.

In the short film you will see the character’s heads are being replaced with chicken heads and the hotel’s interior transforms into a fast-food restaurant. The Film’s humor is strange and nonsensical, with clever editing and visual effects, turning the original movie’s seriousness into a comedic spectacle.

The short film gained its popularity for its unique and unconventional approach by mimicking a famous movie. It has been shown at different film festivals and has gained a devoted following of fans. The film’s creators Nick DenBoer and Davy Force are recognized for their peculiar and surreal sense of humour, which is evident throughout this short film.

The theme of the Chickening Film

“The Chickening” is a short, funny film with strange and caustic themes. The film highlights several significant themes, such as:

  • Parody and Satire: One of the central themes of “The Chickening” is its satirical take on Stanley Kubrick’s “The Shining.” The film combines elements of the original movie called “The Shining” to create humor and absurdity.
  • Absurdity: Its absurd humour by characterized in the short film. This theme of absurdity runs throughout the short film.
  • Transformation: In the short film “The Chickening” characters get transformed. Characters undergo bizarre changes, such as having chicken heads. This theme of transformation adds to the short film a strange low entertainment.
  • Dark Comedy: While “The Chickening” is primarily a comedy, it also incorporates elements of dark humor. It blends horror and humor in unconventional ways, creating a unique comedic experience.
  • Cultural References: The film includes references to pop culture and consumerism, particularly in its portrayal of the fast-food restaurant setting.
  • Visual Style: The film’s visual style is a thematic element, with its use of digital effects, quirky editing, and surreal imagery contributing to the overall theme of the unconventional.
  • Subversion of Expectations: “The Chickening” subverts audience expectations by taking a well-known and serious film like “The Shining” and turning it into a humorous and surreal experience. This theme of subversion is central to the film’s approach.

The Chickening” – A remix of “The Shining”- A Chicken head NSFW

This short film gets a bizarre, NSFW curve from the movie called the shining and this wild reimagining, prepare to meet a mustachioed Danny, a Jack Torrance who’s now a poultry enthusiast, and a Dick Halloran who has undergone a transformation that defines all reason. Yes, you read that correctly – Dick Halloran’s fictional character’s anatomy appears to have been replaced by a live chicken head.

Now, you might be wondering, does every aspect of “The Chickening” hit the mark?

The answer is a resounding no. This short film can be downright perplexing at times. You might find yourself asking, “What on earth is happening to that man’s life” , Well, we wish we could provide you with answers, but all we can offer are more questions.

“The Chickening” is a mind-bending journey into the absurd and surreal realms. It’s an experience that challenges your perceptions and leaves you questioning the very nature of storytelling.

So, if you’re up for a cinematic adventure, prepare to get away into the weird and wonderful world of “The Chickening.”

Just remember, you’ve been warned–this is a ride that defines the explanation, and you may never look at “The Shining” movie the same way again.

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