Razakar Movie OTT Release Date, Platform, Watch Online, and Cast

The Razakar OTT release date and time, OTT platforms, its casts, movie trailer, and many more related details can be explored in this informative article.  The razakar movie is all set to buzz around the theaters on 17 November 2023 expectedly. The movie makers have already released the teaser of this movie, so we can guess the story to some extent.   

As we know, the success rate of the movie basically depends on its storyline and castes. If the story of the movie is interesting and compelling, no one can stop it to collect a huge amount of appreciation at the box office. For this purpose, filmmakers keep exploring new ideas and facts on which they can produce a movie. 

Sometimes, they present unknown facts or ideas in front of the audience, and it becomes the way to success for them. However, many times we have seen some disturbing and unusual storylines that create lots of tension in society by hurting their beliefs. It is the same with Razakar as the filmmaker has released its teaser which has become the reason for controversy. To learn more details on Razakar, you must scroll over the discussed information. Look below:

A Quick Overview OF The Razakar 2023

The storyline of the razakar movie is written and directed by Yata Satyanarayan. He is a popular writer and director in the film industry.

Previously, he worked with the direction department and provided various hit movies such as Allari Bullodu, etc. After working so hard in the direction department, he then stepped into creating his TV serials to make his directorial debut with “Swarna Khadgham.” Currently, he debuted Razakar which is buzzing around social controversies due to its unexpected teaser.

Now, let’s check its overview table below:

Name of the movieRazakar
OTT platformTo be announced soon
OTT release dateTo be announced soon
Release date in all theaters17 November 2023 (Expected)
Name of the directorYata Satyanarayana
Castes of the movieMakarand Deshpande, Mahesh Achanta, Raj Arjun, John Vijay, etc.
Movie languagesTamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, etc
Name of the film industryTollywood
Article CategoryEntertainment

Razakar OTT Release Date And Time

Razakar Ott

The movie razakar 2023 is anticipated to release in all the theaters on 17 November 2023. Currently, we can not confirm the OTT release date and time as the digital rights have not been disclosed until now. This movie is based on the real facts. It depicts the brutality and other hardships which is difficult to believe. The actor in the movie is Makarand Deshpande who is known for the best acting and performances.

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The filmmakers will release this movie in many languages, such as Hindi, Telugu, Kannada, etc. Further, many people are accusing Razakar movie due to its disturbing teaser, and many are waiting for the movie to know about the truth. Will the movie appreciated by the people or not? We will get this idea only after the release of the movie. 

Razakar OTT Platform And Watch Online

The OTT release date of the Razakar has still not been disclosed by the digital rights. OTT platform is the ideal place to watch movies as per the comfort. It provides the golden opportunity for people to watch their favorite movie without going anywhere, and even you can opt for your comfort.

Here, we will tell you that the OTT rights of this movie have not been disclosed yet. Till then, you can try watching the latest telugu movies on ott platform and wait for Razakar. 

Razakar Storyline

If we talk about the storyline of the razakar 2023, it has the ability to connect the viewers with the movie. The focus of the movie is to highlight the connection between Razakars and Hyderabadi Nizam. It is still suspense that will they help or exploit each other to achieve their objectives. Also, viewers can see the struggles of the Razakars at the time of independence.

The movie will showcase the violence of the Razakars on the Hyderabad people and how their lives became hell on earth. 

Razakar Cast And Crew

As we know, the razakar movie was written and directed by the most famous director “Yata Satyanarayana.” It contains the most famous and respected cast, such as Makarand Deshpande, Raj Arjun, Mahesh Achanta, John Vijay, and many others.

The Cinematography of the movie was taken into the hands of Kushender Ramesh Reddy. Moreover, this movie is produced by the Gudur Narayana Reddy. Bheems Ceciroleo is the music director who gave its melodious music to the film. Let us tell you the crew who worked behind the scenes is the most reliable one that made this movie possible.

Final words:

That is all about the razakar movie which we have discussed in this article. The movie is based on some facts that created a controversy in society. There is time to release the movie it has become notorious all over the country. Here, we can say “Do not judge any book by its cover.” So, here, we can only keep some patience and wait for its release to get the right answer. For more details about the movie, you can scroll over the above content and enhance your area of understanding.


1. What is the date when the razakar movie be released in all the theaters?

The Razakar will be released in theaters on 17 November 2023 most, probably.

2. What is the release date of Razakar on the OTT platform?

The digital rights have not disclosed the OTT release date of the Razakar yet.

3. When can I see the Razakar on the OTT platform?

It is not confirmed yet, but you can watch Razakar on the OTT platform soon.

4. How can I watch Razakar?

You can watch Razakar in the theaters after it is released on 17 November 2023.

5. What are the languages of the Razakar?

The Razakar will be released by the movie makers in various languages such as Hindi, telugu, etc.

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