Kathanar Movie: OTT Release, Platform, Cast, Watch Online

If you like fantasy movies, “kathanar movie – The Wild Sorcerer Story” is just the right option for you. It is a Malayalam movie starring Jayasurya, Anushka Shetty, and many more best actors. Let us tell you here that this highly anticipated movie is likely to hit the box office on 26 January 2024.

This movie has a big budget and will be released in various languages as per the reports. The director of the movie is Rojin Thomas who has planned to create this movie in various languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Hindi, and many more international languages. Therefore, after its release, you can opt for your desired language to watch this movie.

We have seen many Malayalam Movies which have been the most successful ones in receiving appreciation from the audience. That is why we expect something more from this movie as well. Right now, we are unsure about the success of the movie rather than the hope. Let’s know more about the movie like its release date and time, OTT platform, cast, and everything below. 

Kathanar Malayalam Movie Release Date

kathanar malayalam movie

The Kathanar movie is expected to be released soon in all cinema halls of India. Most probably, it will be released on 26 January 2024. This high-budget movie is produced by Gokulam Gopalan who has given various superhit movies to this film industry. So, we can expect this movie will also be a big hit in 2024.

After the release of the kathanar malayalam movie, the audience can rate a movie from 1 to 10 on IMDb accordingly. As the movie is on a big budget, we can expect it will get appreciable ratings and reviews right after its release. These are only our speculations as “picture abhi baki hai mere dost”.

Kathanar Movie OTT Platform Details

If you want to get each and every knowledge about the movie, you must look at the tabular details below where we have put all the necessary data regarding the movie that can help you stay updated. So, read the complete table below without missing any row:

Movie nameKathanar – the wild sorcerer Story
kathanar movie release date26th January 2024 (Expected)
Release date on OTT platformTo be revealed soon
OTT-PlatformTo be announced soon
Director nameMr. Rojin Thomas
Language of the movieMalayalam, Tamil, Hindi, and many more other languages
CastJayasurya, Anushka Shetty, etc.
CinematographyMr. Neil D’Cunha
Music composerRahul Subrahmanian
Name of the film industryMollywood
The total Budget of the movieRs. 75 Crore

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Kathanar Movie Synopsis

The movie Kathanar is based on a fantasy storyline in which you can find unlimited fun and drama. It is filled with all kinds of stuff required to make a movie the most entertaining. So, let’s check out its storyline here. The movie shows the life of a priest named Kadamattathu Kathanar. He knows about the magical tricks used in the ninth century. This entire story revolves around the main lead cast Jayasurya and Anushka Shetty.

In the movie, he got a task to look into a string of some unexplained strange areas of that place. Then, he learns about a sorcerer who is the main reason for many people’s deaths. The main lead wants to stop him by applying his magic abilities. This is the rough idea about the story and it seems so interesting. So, if you like the story too, you must book your ticket in advance after its release. 

Kathanar Movie Cast And Crew

The movie is full of well-established cast and crew. Here, if we talk about the main lead of the movie, they are the most famous out there. Jayasurya and Anushka Shetty are playing the role of the main lead cast in the movie. The movie is directed and edited by Rojin Thomas and we move on to the director of the movie, Rahul Subrahmanian. The cinematography is done by Neil D’cunha.

Kathanar Movie: Learn About Its OTT Platform

After watching the movie in the cinema halls, many viewers like to watch it again. But, it is impossible for them to head to the cinema hall many times. In this situation, they can switch to the OTT platform where they can watch their desired movie according to their comfort.

Here, they just require two primary things: an internet connection and the other is a compatible device. If we talk about the Kathanar movie OTT-platform, it has not been confirmed yet. The reason behind this is the movie might release next year and after its release, you can learn about its OTT release date. So, you need to be patient till the release of the movie.

Steps To Access OTT To Watch Kathanar

You need to follow the below steps to watch Kathanar on the OTT platform ( But for now the movie is not released so in the upcoming days the OTT platform detail will be updated here. )

Step 1: Open the OTT platform on your compatible device

Step 2: Sign up for the OTT homepage with your details like name, ID, etc.

Step 3: After logging in, you can explore the page and find the streaming movies.

Step 4: Choose your desired movie.

Step 5: You are ready to watch the movie.


The movie “Kathanar” might be the big hit of the upcoming year because the director of the movie put all his efforts into it and created this movie with around Rs. 75 Crore budget. He has lots of expectations with the movie which is why he has spent a too big amount to create it. But, what would be the result, we can not say anything right now. It will be revealed only after the date of release of the movie and its performance at the box office. We can only wish them our best wishes that this movie will bring joy and prosperity to them. 


1. When will the movie “Kathanar” be released?

The movie “Kathanar” may be released on 26th January 2024. 

2. Is Kathanar a big-budget movie?

Yes, Kathanar is a big-budget movie as the filmmakers have spent around Rs. 75 Crore to produce the movie.

3. What will be the Kathanar movie’s language?

The filmmakers have decided to release the Kathanar movie in various languages other than its original one.

4. Who is the Kathanar” movie’s editor?

The editor of the Kathanar movie is Mr. Rojin Thomas.

5. Do you know about the genre of the Kathanar movie?

The genre of the Kathanar movie is Fantasy.

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