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Christina Schwarzenegger Bio Age, Height, Family & Net Worth

Christina Schwarzenegger Bio

Christina Schwarzenegger is a well-known businesswoman, producer, and philanthropist. Meet the daughter of Hollywood icons Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver. Christina has become well-known in entertainment, even with famous parents. She invests in high-end real estate and produces feature films. 

She explores different professions that showcase her creativity and ambition. Her journey from being an actor’s child to a respected producer was not easy. Despite this, she has achieved impressive success by leveraging her influential connections. 

As to know more read on for more insights into Christina’s inspiring life story!

Let’s Know About Christina Schwarzenegger Bio

Christina Schwarzenegger is Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver’s child. She was born on July 23, 1991. She has achieved success as an entrepreneur, author, and philanthropist. Christina is involved with multiple charities to promote health and wellness for children globally. She often appears on popular talk shows such as Good Morning America, The Tonight Show, and Ellen. 

Let’s find out more more about her using the biography table below.

NameChristina Schwarzenegger
Date of BirthOn July 23, 1991
Age32 years in 2024
Place of birthLos Angeles, California
SiblingsPatrick, Christopher And Katherine
Net Worth5 million
BoyfriendMatthew Dowd
Height5 feet 8 inches
Weight64 kg
Instagram Id@christinaschwarzenegger

Christina Schwarzenegger’s Full Name

Her Full name is Christina Schwarzenegger as there is no change in the name.

Christina Schwarzenegger Born

She was born in Los Angeles vibrant city of, California on the iconic date of July 23, 1991. She is the fourth child of her famous parents, who divorced in 2011 after 25 years of marriage.

Christina was born into a famous family. Her father was a bodybuilder and actor, and her mother was a journalist from the Kennedy family. Christina grew up in a famous family. She saw Hollywood’s excitement when she was little.

Her parents teach her about hard work and determination, despite her normal childhood. Christina went to fancy private schools. Her parents wanted her to go to college.

Christina Schwarzenegger Age

As of 2024, Christina is 32 years old and has accomplished much in her career.

Christina Schwarzenegger’s Height And Weight

Standing 5 feet 8 inches tall and 140 pounds (64 kg) weight, Christina inherited her father’s height and athletic build. She always sees her body positively and promotes a healthy lifestyle over appearance.

Christina Schwarzenegger’s Parents And  Grandparents

Look at the table below to get more details about Christina Schwarzenegger’s Parents and  Grandparents.

FatherArnold SchwarzeneggerBodybuilder and Actor
MotherMaria Shriverjournalist
Paternal grandfatherGustav Schwarzeneggerpolice chief in Austria
Paternal grandmotherAurelia JadrnyJournalist
Maternal grandfatherSargent ShriverAmerican diplomat and activist
Maternal grandmotherEunice Kennedy ShriverFounder of the Special Olympics

Christina Schwarzenegger’s Family Members

Christina has three siblings: Patrick, Christopher and Katherine. Her father’s previous relationship has resulted in half-siblings for her as well. Her close-knit family is a constant source of love and support for Christina.

Christina Schwarzenegger Education Qualification School And College

Refer to the table beneath for additional information regarding her education.

SchoolBrentwood School in Los Angeles
Higher StudiesCommunication and Media Studies at Georgetown University, minor in Entrepreneurship

Christina Schwarzenegger Job

Christina has experience in Acting and Entertainment field. 

Examine the table below for further details regarding her occupation.

Job RoleWork
Assistant producer“The Oprah Winfrey Show”
Co-founder of a bandProject360

Christina Schwarzenegger Produced Movies

Some of the movies produced by Christina include “The Gallows”, “My Own Worst Enemy”, and “Midnight Sun”. She has also appeared in films, showing her acting skills in smaller roles.

Christina Schwarzenegger’s Net Worth

Christina’s 2024 net worth is estimated to be 25 million. Despite this, she is still gaining recognition in the industry and her wealth is projected to increase.

Christina Schwarzenegger Imdb

Christina has an IMDb page for her work as a producer and actress. This popular Instagram star has many followers and always shares exciting glimpses into her life.

Christina Schwarzenegger On Instagram

Follow Christina on Instagram (@christinaschwarzenegger) for more updates and insights into her life. Watch for her new projects and see the glamorous side of Hollywood in her posts!

As she continues to make waves in the industry, we can’t wait to see what this multi-talented woman has in store for us. So stay tuned!

Christina Schwarzenegger Boyfriend

Currently, Christina is in a long-term relationship with actor and producer Matthew Dowd. This couple has been together since 2014. They share sweet pictures on social media.

Is Christina Schwarzenegger Dating or Married

Christina and Matthew Dowd have a strong connection. They often help each other with their work. They have been together for a long time, but they are not married yet.

Christina Schwarzenegger is An Inspiration

Christina’s hard work and success in entertainment inspire actors, producers, and entrepreneurs.Her story proves that anyone, from any background, can achieve their dreams. Christina Schwarzenegger’s journey Confirms that pursuing your passions and never giving up on your goals can lead to success.

Let’s keep supporting and celebrating this talented woman as she dominates the industry!


Christina Schwarzenegger is a talented and accomplished woman. She became famous in entertainment. She overcame early struggles with body image. Now, she is a successful actress as well as a producer. She continues to pursue her passions and overcome obstacles.

Christina Schwarzenegger is an inspiring individual.We can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next in her career. We should keep supporting and honoring this incredible woman.!

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to give Christina a follow on Instagram (@christinaschwarzenegger). Until next time, stay empowered and keep chasing your dreams!


Who Does Christina Schwarzenegger Date ?

Christina is currently in a long-term relationship with actor and producer Matthew Dowd. The couple has been together since 2014.

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